The Home Seller’s Guide Book


Tips on how to sell your property

Secrets revealed in “The Home Seller’s Guide Book”.

Real Estate guru, now retired, maintains that the art of selling a house comes down to one thing; finding the right buyer.

In his latest book, Hilton Greeff of Durban North says it’s all about a planned presentation to expose a property in a professional way so that it shouts “value for money” in the mind of a buyer.

In “THE HOME SELLER’S GUIDE BOOK” Hilton Greeff shares with all home sellers his knowledge and 40 years experience, as he outlines the roadmap to selling a home revealing the pitfalls of overpricing and private selling, and highlights the benefits sellers can derive by getting involved in certain aspects of the sales process.

Hilton Greeff reveals the skills needed in choosing an agent and ventures into the subject of up front negotiations to arrive at an acceptable fee for services rendered (commission).

Issues of correct pricing, seller expectations of services and security, which are uppermost in everyone’s mind, are revealed with practical suggestions of how to deal with them.

Comprehensive details about the holding of a show house, the effort and work that goes into this important event, and the role that both an agent and a seller need to play in order to get “Top Dollar” are concise, practical, with seller benefits clearly pointed out.

The inner workings of selling a home are laid bare and, this easy to read book explains to sellers exactly how to get the best results, irrespective of situation.

The words of a prominent Real Estate Trainer ring true when he said: “The advice in this book will be found valuable by not only persons selling of their home, but also Estate Agents.

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