Proactive Fitness Gym Hermanus

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+27 (0) 28 313 2074

Mussel (for Muscles : ) Centre in Mussel Street, Hermanus

Whether you are a day visitor or monthly member or something in between, our spinning studio, cardio section, circuit, free weights training area, stretching area, sauna, sunbed, health bar, comfortable changing rooms and relaxed atmosphere will have you feeling healthier than ever before!

We don’t tie you into lengthy contracts. We offer several different categories of membership that can be paid on a month to month basis giving you the freedom to train and pursue your fitness goals at your own pace. With Proactive Fitness, you will never be trapped into paying for what you don’t use. To cater for all of our clients we offer: individual, family, student and corporate membership.

We reward Discovery Vitality members by awarding Vitality members with points for training at ProActive Fitness.