Ode to Creation Wines of distinction


The story of Creation Wines is as old as the hills – dating back to when Mother Nature created South Africa’s beautiful Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge and bestowed upon it exceptional wine-growing conditions. At the same time, the story is as young as the vibrant team who since 2002 have been investing their talents to create a wine range of great distinction. In line with our philosophy of creating distinctive terroir expressive wines, we are committed to pairing our wines with a menu of fresh, locally grown produce. We also offer a wide array of cellar-door wine tourism related activities.

The focus in the Creation Tasting Room is on pairing food with wine, and as such we have pioneered a number of unique options. These are presented by WSET (Level 2 and 3) as well as Cape Wine Academy trained staff.

The primary option is the Canapé Wine Pairing in which eight canapés are paired with eight different wines.
The next level in the pairing experience is the Secret Pairing. Four entrée sized courses each containing a secret ingredient, are paired with four wines. Clues to the secret ingredients are introduced in the form of sensorial tastings with each dish and the ‘secret’ is revealed after each course. This experience shows an element of theatre and molecular gastronomy – guests who choose this experience are in for a unique culinary journey.

The Paradoxical Chocolate Pairing uses specially commissioned quick-melt chocolates to create the ultimate pairing of four wines with four unique chocolates. The chocolates are available for purchase at the cellar-door.

As a pioneer of wine pairing in South Africa and in the spirit of inclusivity, Creation has also developed a range of pairing options for those who have special dietary requirements and any of our pairings can accommodate the following needs:
Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Atkins/LCHF Diet

Creation has also recently introduced a Kiddies Surprise Pairing, so that children between the ages of 5 and 12 years of age can experience the wonder of food pairing. The Kiddies Pairing includes two juices, flavoured milks and a selection of healthy nibbles for experimentation, and we are currently developing a pairing experience for teens.

To share Creation’s proud reputation for Wine and Food Pairing with a wider audience, we have invited a number of top South African chefs to select their favourite Creation wine and create a unique dish to match it. Many of these chefs visit Creation to prepare and present their special Wine and Food Pairing on the farm for our guests to savour in the Tasting Room. This is done on a monthly basis with the chefs kindly sharing their recipes in the media.

Other activities include a guided Vineyard Walk where we explain the unique terroir and its influence on the wines produced in the area. The Blend Your Own Bottle experience guides guests through the blending process to create their own unique blend which is bottled and hand labelled as a memorable souvenir. The Tasting Room activities also include a cellar tour.

All activities are widely promoted as Creation is very active on social media platforms such as:
FACEBOOK, TWITTER, CREATION TV (our YouTube channel), PINTEREST, BLOG, ICONTACT (our weekly newsletters), FLICKR, GOOGLE +, INSTAGRAM, WETU. Creation also distributes a comprehensive collection of brochures and promotional material (included).

Creation is also actively involved in promoting the local Wine Route (R320). Last year 35 000 individuals visited Creation, and we regularly host events and tastings for WOSA.

In addition Creation Wines is actively involved in the promotion of the R320 Wine Route. Being the first farm in the area to offer wine pairing options has created a destination that drew over 35 000 visitors to our cellar during 2013. The aim is to encourage similar attractions at other farms in the Hemel-en-Aarde area so that it becomes known as the premier wine pairing destination in the Cape.

The Creation Wine Academy offers free wine training to employees in the hospitality industry.
By providing education and training to the next generation of South Africans involved in the tourism and hospitality industries we can effectively grow the wine industry’s sphere of influence and in the process help to create jobs.

Creation often hosts trade delegations as well as large groups, promoting the South African wine industry as a whole as well as the R320 specifically. Other national initiatives include a good working relationship with WOSA as well as with other South African Wine Routes.

Creation also freely and regularly creates and shares content with a number of national and international publications. Our Tasting Room offers order forms for a number of distributors in different countries so that it is especially easy to place an order when visiting the Tasting Room, helping to promote our winery as well as South African wines abroad in general. Creation also participates in, and attends trade and private tastings all around the world.

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