Cheese champions crowned within a week

87 cheese products are competing for the World Jersey Cheese Awards, which will be done this upcoming week. The championship will be held in consultation with the Agri Mega Week 2014 and the World Jersey Conference. Entries for the “World Jersey Cheese Awards” were received from 27 manufacturers which represent the Netherlands, Denmark, South Africa, USA, Switzerland, Uruguay, New Zealand, Jersey, Italy, England and France.

To judge the cheese this upcoming Friday (the 12th) in South Africa, special import permits had to be issued for each of the products. Because the South African government don’t allow the import of products from Jersey, the products from Jersey Island could not be entered.

The organizers also said that the entries from the Netherlands were also in jeopardy, seeing that the state veterinarian refused to sign export certificates because of specific regulations in the Netherlands. After several calls they managed to convince the veterinarian and the products were sent.

The first cheese for criticism has already arrived since 1 September at the Cape Town International Airport.

Judging will take place on Friday, 12 September 2014, at the Protea Hotel, Techno Park, Stellenbosch. The decision on this particular venue was made on the fact that the products has to be received, stored and transported in temperature controlled conditions to the judging area.

The composition of the judging panel meet the standards of international assessment standards and cheese makers, chefs and sensory and technical experts are represented. The Chief Judge is Kobus Mulder, an international cheese judge at Nantwitch, World Cheese Awards(London and the Canary Islands), World Cheese Championships in Wisconsin and SA Dairy Championships. The other judges are James Godfrey, Leonard Majampa, Bruce Rowbotham, Mark Pepper, Alan Fourie, Claire Goosen, Graham Sutherland and Tania Kruger.

Each judge receives a medal for their contribution to the 2014 World Jersey Cheese Awards, as well as a judging apron to use during the judging.

Judging will take place on the international 30 mark judging scale, which is used by the South African Dairy championships, but which is also in line with the existing World Jersey Cheese Championship’s prescribed judgement form.

All results and the process of judgement will be audited during and after judging.

The World Jersey Cheese Awards was established in 2008 by the World Jersey Cattle Bureau and was the first awards scheme where the products all came from a single race of cattle which was the Jersey cow. Cheese makers from all over the world compete against each other for the prestigious award of the World’s Best Jersey Cheese, which is made from 100% Jersey milk.

The World Jersey cheese awards at the Agri Mega Week offers the ideal  opportunity to be part of the phenomenal growth of the Jersey, the premier race of milk cows and there is no more suited place to witness this world class event than at Mega Park.

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