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 Chilitree is Jean-Jacques de Chazal. He lives in the beautiful and serene Hemel & Aarde valley near Hermanus in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. He is a hardworking, knowledgeable & acclaimed Medicinal plant Project Manager at Camphill School and Community where he currently lives. Jean-Jacques is a dearly loved and respected friend to many who has been blessed to know him. His intuitive wisdom, humble, unassuming ways and  exuberant Joie de Vivre impresses and inspires all who meet him.  Never judgemental & always deeply caring, he is a councillor & sage to all. The book expresses a variety of reflections, teachings and observations which have been accumulated over the years and provide plenty of food for thought.
Jean-Jacques de Chazal
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There is no day like today
There is no moment like now
And there is no one like you
Go on then, my beautiful friend
Be all you are and unfold,
Add to the garden of this world
The unique flower that you are
And let your fragrance fill the air.
  I know your name.
Your name is shame.
You are a terrible wedge
Between this man
And his healing.
You well up from within
You keep him from disclosure
You hold him prisoner
And you have no mercy.
But my name is Love
I am here to set the captive free.
I will inspire courage
Into this man’s heart
Courage to open the door
To the gift of repentance
And forgiveness.
My name is Love
I am here to set the captive free.
  He who is
Had an illusion
And now
Confusion and

Better off
Is he
Who has
No bubble
To offer
To the

An ambitious man set himself a goal and began to move towards it.
After he reached his goal, he was satisfied. But soon he became thirsty again; although he was already set for life … no need to worry about wealth, he had plenty. He met with Greed and they became friends. So Ambition and Greed decided to set more goals and become even richer. So they did. But the thirst never went away.
On their many journeys they came across many individuals whom they mostly ignored unless there was opportunity to accumulate more wealth, until one day they came across someone who had a broad smile and kind eyes, his name was Content. There was something unusual about this one. His humble abode was neat and great calm lived in it. Content had a wife; her name was Love, and also two children, twins they were; Joy was the one and peace was the other. “Are you not thirsty for more?” asked Ambition. “No, I have enough, thank you.”
“How can you be happy with so little?” Asked Greed?
“Oh, dear stranger, I have plenty. Look around you in this household lives contentment, love, joy and peace. Gold and silver cannot buy these. I would not trade what I have for anything this world has to give.”
Ambition and greed left this extraordinary household in deep thought, somehow knowing that a very good seed had been planted in their hearts.

        Books by Jean-Jacques
Order - Printed & posted A5  R120 or
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Order -Printed & posted A5  R120 or PDF download R 50
A page from Wondrous thoughts.
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