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 Hermanus Tel: ++ 27 28 312 22 95
Cell: 082 772 5949

"Art creates the fascinating imaginative realm where no-one owns the truth and everyone has the right to be understood." Milan Kundera
Annette van der Spuy
Much more about this brilliant artists on

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Rouvé De Flamigh


Well known local artist, Rouvé de Flamingh...more on
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Abstract Flower by Julia Forman

Lize van der Walt

Tel: +27+28 316 2696  
Fax:028 316 3794  Cell: 082 895 7180  
P.O. Box 4 Hermanus7200  


 The mission's house gallery - a visit to this gallery and it's tranquil tea garden is a must.
8 de villiers st Onrust river
Tel/fax: 028 316 2269
 gallery hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00
 Saturday 10:00 - 16:00 Sunday 10:00 - 13:00
www.hermanusart.co.za    art@hermanusart.co.za

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Geta Finlayson - queen of jewellery design.

Marusa Mason
 Fine Art, Murals and creative signs
Phone: (028) 316 3181 Cell: 084 705 4828

Nosy Rosy talks to Marusa Mason whilst sipping Eskom tea on the patio of Savannah. Marusa Mason was born to paint.
Why did you become an artist?

“Art gives me great pleasure. I find it fulfilling and stress relieving.” Marusa showed talent from an early age and painted throughout her school career. “Art is character building and I find it therapeutic.”

What is your current inspiration?

“I am inspired by colour and textures, the earth, people.” She draws her inspiration from her surroundings and does not enjoy working on a smooth canvas.

When did you first exhibit, how has your work changed and when can we expect another exhibition?

Marusa worked with Corne Pienaar from 1991 to 1993 and together they held exhibitions of painted jelutong wood carvings at Bellingham Wine Estate, the Strand Pavilion and the Baxter Gallery.
She exhibited with Namibian artist Hein van Huyssteen at the Somerset West Country Club. Her underwater paintings were accepted by Galerie Lassen in San Francisco. In 1997 Marusa held a solo exhibition at the Neelsie Centre in Stellenbosch of whales and dolphins. In 1998 she exhibited at the Fisherman’s Gallery of Hermanus and then started to move away from realistic interpretations and began to explore a more creative and expressive approach to her work.

“Yes, I commenced work on large abstract figure canvases and then exhibited at the Library Hall in Hermanus in 2000.”
Back to my question of your next exhibition?

Marusa has been invited by a private collector to exhibit in Mozambique in December. This collector is interested in her underwater work, the whales, sharks and dolphins and has commissioned her to paint a dugong, endemic to the area. Although primarily an oil pointer, Marusa enjoys mixed media and is a surprisingly versatile artist. When not painting, she enjoys golf and hiking. She is a firm believer in stimulating every part of your body. Both spiritually, emotionally and physically. She enjoys spending time with her family and a huge benefit of being an artist is being able to work from home.
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