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 Go wild in your Garden this autumn


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 Autumn Gardens
My message is to GO WILD says Caroline from BIOGROW

The most important function of autumn is that nature gives back to the earth what she has taken in the growing season that has just passed. The leaves and fruit that are dropped are a way of returning these to the earth to feed the micro-organisms that exist in the soil from which the plant grows.
These micro-organisms convert the organic matter back into the elements that the plant requires to produce and maintain health in the season to come.
This is how nature works on the undisturbed forest floor. It is the ultimate recycling process in existence, on which all life depends. The leaves convert sunlight during the growing season and release it in the form of energy into the soil for the plant to use again.... talk about spreading the sunshine!

So... I would beg people to try to control their impulse to be too neat in their gardens as autumn comes around. The leaves that drop should only be swept up if they are going to be put into compost heaps / bins, but preferably people should leave an area of fallen leaves undisturbed in a damp, shady corner of the garden - frogs, toads, newts and slug eating centipedes thrive on decay. An old dead branch or piece of wood left lying at the back of a flower bed will also provide a habitat for loads of bugs, beetles and worms that will keep your soil healthy, and will provide a place for hungry birds to scratch around. Put off the autumn cutback of perennials until early spring. Wildlife love the seedheads and hiding places and you will benefit from their beauty. Take a clay pot, fill it with leaves, straw and a little cotton wool and place it upside down in a sheltered spot. A bumblebee might find it a cosy place to overwinter and take up residence.
Plant shrubs and trees that provide berries and nesting sites for birds and other wildlife.

BIOGROW have THERMO-COMPOSTERS back in stock. These neat kits consist of 4 panels that clip together to form a double insulated bin (with top and bottom flaps) that will assist you in making compost quickly and effectively. They are available from BIOGROW directly. Phone 028 313 2054.

BIOGROW - Natural Organic Solutions
P/Bag X15, Suite 116, Hermanus, 7200
Phone 028 313 2054
Fax 028 313 2084

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