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Hermanus is a multi faceted world class holiday destination for discerning travellers

Child Welfare Hermanus



Child Welfare (South Africa) Hermanus is a registered non-profit organisation:  NPO No. 002-883  


·         Founded in 1944 Child Welfare (South Africa) Hermanus has a proud history of caring for vulnerable children.

·         Ours is the awesome task of responding to one of the greatest challenges facing South Africa: the survival, protection and development of children in crisis and at risk.

·         Our dream which HAS to become a reality is to create satellite multi-disciplined child care centres were it is needed in the Overstrand. Our first priority is to establish one in Zwelihle, to extend the centre in Mount Pleasant and to create a skills development centre in Hawston.


We believe that children are our future and our inspiration.


Our constitution says:    The object of the organisation shall be to protect and promote the interests, well-being, safety and development of children within the context of family and community and to safe-guard the rights of children.

We promote the well-being of children in the Hermanus Magisterial district-west of Soutpan Avenue predominantly poor socio-economic communities by:

o         Protecting those in crisis and at risk.

o         Enhancing the capacity of families and communities to protect and develop their children.

o         Empowering children to claim their rights and accept their responsibilities.

o         Facilitating and helping establish a skills development centre, focusing on tourism and construction skills sets – giving drug and abused children the opportunity to develop self esteem and to progress from the ever turning self destruct mode they have become accustomed too.

About us

Child Welfare South Africa-Hermanus head office is situated in Mount Pleasant and is staffed by a centre manager, 3 social workers, 11 edu care workers and an administration support person.

These few committed individuals cover Hawston, Mount Pleasant, Zwelihle and all areas west of Soutpan Avenue plus the surrounding farm areas, including all preventative and curative child protection activities in partnership with the SAPS, Department of Justice, Department of Health (including all the clinics and the provincial hospital).

They currently have one social worker looking after the needs of the Zwelihle child community which is estimated to total anything between 5000 to 7000 children under the age of 18 years old. This mobile community is currently supported from the Mount Pleasant office but desperately needs to establish a permanent presence within the Zwelihle community. Ground has just been obtained from the municipality but money is needed to establish a child care centre and ongoing financial support to maintain this much needed centre The plan is to link this centre to the newly established cluster foster home in Hawston This planned foster home will safe guard 12 children with the hope of extending this service to meet the need of more children.

The other two social workers look after the needs of the rest of the service area where substance abuse is a huge challenge for the team. They are working with many alcohol and drug affected children and families including 10 year old children who are TIK addicts. This is a key reason for Child Welfare Hermanus wanting to establish a skills development centre in Hawston to help children in need to develop skills which will allow them to develop themselves instead of continuing to remain in the current helpless self destruct mode. Skills educators are already on board to help and the ground is already available for development.

Over and above this, the centre identified a desperate need to create crèches to help working Moms with proper care for their young one’s, to combat the practise of these little one’s being housed in a shack, with little supervision and no real nutrition during the day. Three crèches are currently in operation looking after 180 children and additional space; rooms need to be built to cater for the ever increasing need

Child Welfare South Africa Hermanus also deal with children with FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME, HIV, and Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) – this programme supported by 24 community volunteers who are each paid R300 per month to help.

The challenge for Rina and her team is enormous and includes the child protection statutory duties, all preventative and curative child protection activities in partnership with the SAPS, Department of Justice, Department of Health (including all the clinics and the provincial hospital).

The perception is that the state/provincial government provides adequate funding for the needs of the community and they are able to make a difference ……………


Current funding from provincial government traditionally covers the salaries of the social workers which equate to just on 40% of what is needed to run the centre currently. Hermanus desperately needs to employ a second social worker for the Zwelihle community but all requests to government have fallen on deaf ears. Through donations and some crèche recovery costs the additional income is raised but not a regular basis and is seriously hampering the ability of the centre to meet the needs of the community.

The CTC cost of a social worker is approximately R100K per annum and the development and extension requirements have not been factored in at all. We conservatively estimate the funding requirements needed to be well in excess of R500 000 (Taking community based contractors to work at cost and us securing business sponsored building materials)

Donations - Your opportunity to make a difference

Child Welfare South Africa Hermanus is an organisation that helps heal the children who have become the innocent victims of the world we live in. We realise many residents in the Overstrand do not know much about the good Child Welfare does in the community and as the only welfare organisation in the Overstrand we also help the disabled, aged and victims of domestic violence whenever we are able too. YOU can make a difference, by donating to us. You may donate a one off amount or set up a Debit Order account with your bank to provide us with a financial gift on a regular basis.

We are not in a position to accept Online Donations, but what easier way to donate than through Internet Banking? Once the online transaction is completed, simply complete the attached DONATION FORM and push the SUBMIT button, it’s that simple! Find our banking details at the bottom of the donation form.

For information on Corporate Giving, Branding opportunities, Trust enquiries or bequest donations, please email
HermanusKids@yebo.co.za or call 028-313 0830 and ask for our centre manager Rina


lMail us if you would like to add events, news
or good quality, community friendly Gossip -
Your privacy guaranteed not be protected in Hermanus.

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